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Belkin Announces FlyWire Wireless HD Transmitter


Belkin Announces FlyWire Wireless HD Transmitter

It's an inevitable fact that even a semi-comprehensive AV setup these days requires a plethora of cables running around your living (or possibly just cinema) room - which is hardly attractive. At CES we saw a solution in the form of the Belkin FlyWire, the company's wireless HD transceiver setup. Belkin has now dished out the retail specs and pricing, as well as some prospective shipping dates.

Connectivity wise, the FlyWire sports a trio of HDMI ports, two component connectors (each with dedicated audio inputs too) and a composite connector (again, with an audio input). One of the HDMI ports also has audio connectors in case you're using a DVI to HDMI converter with a PC. On the receiving end there is a single HDMI output and an IR sensor, allowing remote control of devices hooked up at the far end of the setup.

The wireless connection operates in the 5GHz spectrum, which should help reduce the number of possible interference sources - seeing as th 2.4GHz spectrum is already crammed full of routers, keyboards, mice and goodness knows what else. However, Belkin says that the box will hot-swap between available frequencies if interference is detected, to ensure the uncompressed HD stream remains uninterrupted.

Belkin will also follow up the release of the FlyWire with a product called the FlyWire R1, designed for same-room wireless set-ups. Despite being a reasonable bit cheaper, the only notable omission is the IR channel. Although, obviously, if you don't live in a glass house, you'll need that to use any AV equipment from another room when connected wirelessly to a TV.

The Flywire has an MSRP of $999 (~£500) and is, so Belkin says, going to be available from "late October" while the FlyWire R1 comes in at $699 (~£350) and won't arrive until next year. Interested?

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