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Become A Video Star With Ebuyer & Win Cash

Gordon Kelly


Become A Video Star With Ebuyer & Win Cash

It is said everyone in their lifetime will have 15 minutes of fame, this is blatantly whimsical nonsense for more reasons than I need to go into but how about two minutes with cash prizes thrown in?

To this end progressive online retailer Ebuyer wants to extend its advertising and brand awareness and is looking for help from you plucky guys n gals to do it.

The challenge is this: create a short video clip (under 2 mins) covering your opinions, thoughts and experiences of Ebuyer – the company suggests using its slogan: ‘Are you an Ebuyer?’ or proclaiming ‘Ebuyer Rocks!’ but I’m sure you can be more creative than that – then upload it to YouTube or Google Video and post a link in the Ebuyer forum. The deadline is 13 December (my birthday!).

The payoff is twofold. Firstly a shortlist of 10 favourites will be announced on 15 December with each receiving a £50 Ebuyer credit. These will then be put to a public vote on the forum between 18 to 22 December with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places being awarded £250, £150 and £100 respectively.

The second payoff is the fame/infamy part. Following the conclusion of the competition Ebuyer will use the best vids in a targeting campaign which will broadcast across a selection of technology and community websites. Essentially this means you could be posted all over the web! Who knows, you may even make into onto TR… ;)

For obvious reasons, rules of submission include no foul language or obscene images, understanding that posting your clip link into the Ebuyer forum constitutes an agreement for it – if selected – to be used in Ebuyer advertising and, finally, not being a bad loser in failing to accept the judges decisions should you turn out to be more Brett Ratner than Guillermo del Toro.

Happy filming my minions!


Make An EMovie – The Ebuyer Video Competition

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