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Be Cuts Entry Level Broadband Price In Half

Gordon Kelly


Be Cuts Entry Level Broadband Price In Half

Feeling the financial strain of Christmas and the return of 17.5 per cent VAT? Be Broadband has some welcome news...

The country's first ADSL2+ provider has announced January 2010 will see the price of its current entry level package, 'Be Value' cut from £13.50 to just £7.50 per month (at the new VAT rate). This still isn't anywhere near the cheapest DSL package around, but Be tends to perform to higher standards than most and Value provides an 'up to' 8Mbit downstream stream, handy 1.3Mit upstream and there's no traffic shaping other than a pretty reasonable 40GB per month data allowance. Be will contact customers who regularly pass this to discuss their usage and options for unlimited packages.

Other benefits include a free ADSL2+ wireless router and 24x7 tech support. The downside is the need to sign a 12 month contract, but you wouldn't really expect anything less.

"The trends we're seeing are for no traffic management allowing more freedom and of course lower prices," said Be head of operations Tom Williams. "Our members demand the freedom to prioritise and think for themselves, not have their broadband provider do it for them. We believe there a lot of customers that will leap at the chance to get a service that doesn't slow down based on the content of their downloads but don't use the internet enough to justify an unlimited product."

This is a typically common sense comment from Be and one which we've found to represent the provider's approach to business since launch. Rivals, take note.

Now Be, if you could just stop having the ugliest webpage on the Internet...


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