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Ballmer Denies Any Post-Yang Yahoo! Bid

Gordon Kelly


Ballmer Denies Any Post-Yang Yahoo! Bid

No, no and a thousand times no...

Big chair-chucking CEO Steve Ballmer has again been trying to convince people Microsoft still isn't interested in buying Yahoo, Jerry Yang resignation or not, plummeting value or not, collapsed Google Adsense deal or not. No more, nothing, nada.

"Let me be clear," stated Ballmer at Microsoft's annual shareholder meeting. "We are done with all acquisition discussions with Yahoo." He then threw another chair through a window to emphasise the point - I suspect...

Of course Ballmer is going to have to field such questions every time any major shake-up at Yahoo occurs and they look set to continue for some time. After all, a new Yahoo CEO will be asked about Microsoft then presumably not rule out the idea (since shareholders are suddenly begging for it) and then the question will be put to Ballmer again. Personally speaking however I wouldn't want to be the one posing that question... I like my head sans-armchair.

To emphasise the desperate nature of the situation though you only need to take a look at last week's stock prices where Yahoo shares were trading at around $9 apiece. In January Yahoo virulently rejected a Microsoft takeover valuing each share at $33. Oops.

Against this Microsoft shares are trading at approximately $18 each - a 10 year low, so I suspect Ballmer's thinking lies somewhere along: why buy the competition when it seems set on self implosion anyway...


via (amusingly) Yahoo News

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