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BT Vision Unveils New Set-top Box

Gordon Kelly


BT Vision Unveils New Set-top Box

Catching up with some news that broke during CES, we can't move on without mentioning that BT has announced a long awaited follow-up to its Vision set-top box.

Coming in a new glossy black finish, the 'Vision+' box is designed to match the company's latest Home Hub wireless router - though why you'd have them side-by-side is beyond me. More importantly, however, is the technical spruce the Vision+ has undergone with a 160GB internal HDD capable of storing up to 80 hours of TV while power consumption in use has been cut by 12 per cent.

For on-demand content, the Vision+ can connect to the Home Hub - though that still wouldn't make the best place for your router underneath your TV. (Tip: up high and away from load-bearing walls ideally). "We are always looking at ways in which we can improve BT Vision. The new BT Vision+ box is not only better looking, it also consumes less energy, something that we know is extremely important to our customers," said BT Vision CEO Marc Watson.

The new Vision+ box will be available free to all customers who sign up for Vision with any value pack by 15 January. Personally, I can't see it being enough to make any sort of dent in Sky or Virgin market shares, but at least BT continues to fight the good fight...


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