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BT Vision Adds Sony Pictures Content


BT Vision Adds Sony Pictures Content

If you're enjoying BT Vision, despite its shortfalls, then you'll likely be pleased to hear that its video-on-demand library is to be bolstered by the addition of Sony Pictures Television content.

A "vast selection" of films is promised, including recent releases such as Terminator Salvation and Angels & Demons - though I warn you the latter isn't what you could call compelling viewing - alongside recent titles such as Seven Pounds and a number of older films from Sony's library.

As per BT Vision's other on-demand video, Sony films are available on a pay-per-view basis. BT pitches that as enabling customers to only pay for what they want, but I still think a subscription option would be good. Still, BT's pricing of £1.94 and up - depending on how recently the film in question was released - isn't too bad{/i}, and is certainly comparable to rival services.

Whether you'll find the addition of Sony films to BT Vision as exciting as, say, high definition content or ITV Catch-Up, I've no idea; but I'd warrant no-one will complain too much about more choices being made available.



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