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BT Unveils BlackBerry-style Fusion Successor

Gordon Kelly


BT Unveils Smartphone Based Fusion Successor

BT is taking a second stab at the mobile market...

Today the monster telco launches 'BT Total Broadband' - an upgraded version of its Fusion service which seamlessly merges cheaper WiFi based voice calls at home and from hotspots with a traditional mobile plan of minutes and texts.

Moving on from the horrible Motorola handsets offered with the original, BT Total Broadband takes a step up with a choice of HTC smartphones: the S620 or S710. Both models are well over a year old and come with Windows Mobile 6 rather than the much-improved Windows Mobile 6.1 but it's progress of a sort.

Bundled with a BT broadband package and cordless home phone (to which calls can be transferred automatically) prices begin at £29.99pm on an 18 month contract (first three months at £23.99). This garners 50 minutes of cross network mobile calls and texts while WiFi usage is 'unlimited' and landline evening and weekend calls are free.

In sum - just as Riyad said in his original Fusion review - it's a nice, neat package but seems rather redundant in a time when spending £30pm can obtain far more mobile minutes than this as well as a separate broadband package.

In its first iteration Fusion signed up just 45,000 customers over three years. Personally, I can't see its latest attempt proving much more fruitful...


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