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BT To Remove Fair Usage Policy

David Gilbert


BT To Remove Fair Usage Policy

Last week we saw a report from Ofcom criticising Internet Service Providers’ advertising “unlimited” services which should only be used when a service has no usage caps implemented through a fair usage policy.

Well it seems as if BT has been listening and from April, BT Infinity and BT Total customers will see the Fair Usage Policy removed and should they go over the 300GB limit, they will no longer face download or upload speed reductions. However, while speed restrictions won’t be implemented, the firm will instead rely on traffic management that will restrict certain applications/protocols when the network is busy.

In a statement on the issue, Mayuresh Thavapalan, General Manager, Consumer Broadband BT Retail said: "As BT continues to invest in the network and network bandwidth we can now remove these restrictions and ensure the experience of the wider customer base. On completion there will be no individual user controls targeted at atypical users on our BT Total Broadband and BT Infinity products." While this is a welcome move from BT, it is a move which will have little impact on most of its customers. BT’s own figures show that only 0.5 percent of users (28,000 customers) regularly go over the 300GB limit.

It is also worth noting that those on BT Total Option 1 and 2 and on BT Infinity Option 1 will still be charged for going over the 300GB limit but apparently traffic will not be managed. How this is going to work remains to be seen and we will have to wait and see how the system wide traffic management affects all users.

Source: thinkbroadband

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