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BT & TalkTalk Appeal Digital Economy Act

Gordon Kelly


BT & TalkTalk Appeal Digital Economy Act

Now this can only be a good thing...

BT & TalkTalk have made a joint announcement today seeking a judicial review to challenge the Digital Economy Act.

"The two companies believe that provisions in the Act, aimed at the prevention of online copyright infringement, received insufficient scrutiny before being rushed through into law at the tail end of the last Parliament," said the release. "As well as having procedural concerns, BT and TalkTalk believe the measures proposed to try to prevent online copyright infringement could harm citizens as well as impact both businesses. As a result, they are seeking clarity from the Court before they and others are asked to implement the Act."

How the government will react remains to be seen, but there is still time to step in since the Digital Economy Act will not be enforced until January 2011. BT & TalkTalk will also hope that Coalition government deputy prime minister and Liberal leader Nick Clegg will stand true to the concerns he voiced about the Act in the run up to election.

The Digital Economy Bill was passed in farcical circumstances with less than 20 MPs debating it during the so-called 'Wash Up' period at the end of the last government. 236 MPs shuffled through the House to give their votes after not attending the debate with 189 in favour, 47 against. The House of Commons holds 646 MPs.

Link: Digital Economy Act 2010

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