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BT Rolls Out Free 20Mbit Broadband Upgrade

Gordon Kelly


BT Rolls Out Free 20Mbit Broadband Upgrade

If you chose British Telecom as your ISP I suspect there have been more than a few occasions where you've thought "Why?!" Fear not, the former monopolist is about to reward its long suffering customer base...

After its June preview, BT is finally launching full ADSL2+ services with speeds of up to 20Mbit for its 8Mbit customers. Uploads speeds will also more than double from 448Kbps to a potential 1MBit. The best bit? BT Retail is offering the faster speeds at no extra cost, with the cheapest broadband option just £7.78 a month for the first three months.

The faster speeds will initially be made available through 549 exchanges which serve 10m UK homes and businesses - roughly 40 per cent of the population. This will increase to 55 per cent by March 2010. In an effort to avoid the adverse publicity that has struck many 'up to' 20Mbit services BT will also off the 'BT Broadband Accelerator' (previously known as the BT i-plate and worth £15) for just the price of postage. It plugs into the master socket, cleans the line and ensures you get the maximum speeds possible for your home in respect to its distance from the exchange.

"The BT Broadband Accelerator can make a big difference to the speed of your broadband," said BT consumer division MD John Petter. "We think it is so important we've taken the decision to offer it to our customers for just the cost of the postage.Between that and us more than doubling headline speeds for millions of homes and businesses, most customers should start to see a rapid boost in the performance of their connection. We have a track record of not charging customers any more when we increase the speed and this time is no different. BT broadband customers won't have to pay any more to get higher speeds."

All seems fair enough to us. You see, you stuck it out with BT for a reason... (or so you can now tell yourselves!).


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