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BT Rolls Out 40Mbit Broadband

Gordon Kelly


BT Rolls Out 40Mbit Broadband

It may not be the fastest broadband in the UK, but British Telecom has just given DSL one heck of a speed boost...

The company has announced 'BT Infinity', a new flagship 40Mbit/sec connection which it will start rolling out from Monday (25 January) with packages starting from just £19.99. Perhaps just as interesting as the download speed, however, is the superfast 10Mbit/sec uploads Infinity will bring - an increasingly important factor for many who regularly upload photography and video to the Web.

Infinity will launch in two choices: 'Option 1' being a £19.99pm 18 month contract with £50 connection charge, free BT wireless N Home Hub, 5GB online Digital Vault and 250 free minutes of BT OpenZone WiFi access per month. Limitations are a 20GB monthly download allowance and restricted 2Mbit/sec upload speed.

'Option 2' costs £24.99, is subject to the same length of contract, drops the connection fee, provides 10Mbit/sec upload rates and - that phrase we all love to hate - unlimited download allowance plus unlimited monthly OpenZone minutes. Naturally enough, BT states that 'unlimited' is subject to a fair usage policy, but doesn't spell out what that is (we're chasing).

“The internet is essential to our customers’ lives and they are demanding more and more as richer and even more compelling services become available," said BT CEO Gavin Patterson. "BT Infinity gives customers the capacity and reliability they need in an instant and at a great value price they can afford. We want to give our customers the best possible online experience and are committed to rolling out super-fast speeds across the UK."

The move follows successful trials of the service in Muswell Hill, Whitchurch and Glasgow Halfway and BT pledges to make Infinity available to at least 40 per cent of UK homes and businesses by 2012.

Yep, no complaints here...


BT Infinity

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