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BT Missing Up To 60 Percent Of Cabinets

David Gilbert


BT Missing Up To 60 Percent Of Cabinets

While BT has been vociferous in telling us about the roll out of its next-generation fibre-optic broadband, it appears as if up to 60 percent of cabinets are not being enabled.

BT rolled out its new 40Mbps service over 12 months ago with much fanfare and chest beating. Since then BT has consistently issued press releases telling us exactly where this new service is available. In order for an area to be enabled, two installations are needed. Firstly the exchange in that area needs to be upgraded and then the street-level cabinets need to be upgraded. And while BT has been upgrading the exchanges when it announces a particular area, it seems the cabinets are a different matter.

An example of the press releases issued by BT

“BT Openreach describes an exchange as in progress if there are ten cabinets live, but there could be 70 or 80 or more cabinets in that area – customers are seeing when their exchange is enabled but not when their cabinet is going to be, or even if it’s going to be upgraded, because only about 40 percent or 50 percent of cabinets in a given area are scheduled or are likely to be upgraded,” said Stuart Watson, broadband product manager at Zen Internet, which resells BT’s Infinity service.

Responding to the claim, BT said the problem was not as big as suggested by Watson though it did confirm that some cabinets were not upgraded at the time of initial installation and could be done at a later time. We aim for as much coverage as possible within our technical and commercial parameters," a BT spokesperson told PC Pro. "On average the figure is around 85 percent of an exchange area - this may be higher or much lower depending on the infrastructure and the market."

The spokesman went on to say that if a cabinet was not supporting enough premises if may not be enabled for fibre “at this time.” Have you had any problems like this in areas which BT said was enabled for its 40Mbps service? Let us know in your comments.

Source: PC Pro

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