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BT Line Rental Going Up

Andy Vandervell


BT Line Rental Going Up

While we're certain lots of people use phone lines for…you know…talking on, here at TrustedReviews they're merely a conduit for getting on the Internet. In which case, news that BT is upping its line rental prices by 50p from October will come as a bitter pill - one many will have little choice but to swallow.

From October, then, renting a phone line to get broadband will cost you £13.29. And, as PC Pro points out, this increase coincides rather perfectly with the Labour government's proposed 50p per month "broadband tax", a policy that has since been scrapped by the coalition government.

After BT's supposition that the government's broadband policy would require a further £2 billion subsidy, is this BT's way of demonstrating its preference for the previous policy? Probably not, more likely it's a way of paying for its recent Sky Sports channel deal, where BT is reputedly making a loss on some extremely competitive pricing. Whatever the cause, you'll probably be paying more. Congratulations.

Via PC Pro

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