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BT Enlarges Roll Out of 'Super Fast' Broadband

Gordon Kelly


Is BT getting back in the game?

Nearly two years on from announcing its £1.5bn Fibre Optic broadband roll-out plans the telco has confirmed it is ploughing another £1bn into the project. This will see it expand coverage from 40 per cent to 60 per cent of the population and provide customers with speeds of up to 40Mbit per second.

"We are investing in the future of our business," said BT CEO Ian Livingstone. "Assuming an acceptable environment for investment, we see the potential to roll out fibre to around two-thirds of the UK by 2015. This will take our total fibre investment to £2.5bn which will be managed within our current levels of capital expenditure."

Interestingly BT has also revealed an exclusive UK deal with OnLive, the streaming games developer, to deliver high-end gaming through this network. Dubbed 'Cloud gaming', OnLive allows users with relatively modest hardware to play games for any platform through their PCs with the heavily lifting done by OnLive data centres.

OnLive has previously said a reliable 5Mbit connection is required to play these games at HD resolutions, so it should be just fine on the new fibre network. When will BT launch this service? Sadly it didn't say. So can we expect streaming game rival Playcast to launch something similar? I'd expect so and Virgin Media would be a good fit...

Speaking of which, this is the biggest hurdle for BT: cable. Virgin's service is already offering 50Mbit connections (which actually perform at and above this speed) and it has plans for a 200MBit service as soon as next year. Consequently while BT is definitely improving, the bigger question may be: is its main rival still pulling away?


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