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BT Confirms Fixed Fibre Trial Sites

Gordon Kelly


BT Confirms Fixed Fibre Trial Sites

So you're looking for some fast BT action and - much like the lottery - are putting all your hopes and dreams on a miniscule chance of hitting the jackpot *drum roll*...

Muswell Hill in London and Whitchurch in South Wales, you lucky residents are the winners!

Ok, now I've lost 99(.9?) per cent of our readership lets continue with the skinny: both towns will be the happy recipients of an all fibre network in which BT claims is going to reach speeds of up to 40Mbit. 15,000 homes and businesses in each site will be able to take part in the trial with a BT spokesperson explaining their decision was driven because of the diversity of the areas, residents, geography and wide array of ISPs offering services.

"We are delighted to announce Whitchurch, South Glamorgan and Muswell Hill exchanges as the first sites chosen to pilot our fibre to the cabinet product," explained David Campbell, BT Openreach's director of next generation access. "Services in these areas will be available to all UK communication providers on a wholesale basis. The sites were chosen in consultation with communications providers and took into account feedback from Regional Development Agencies, Devolved Authorities and similar organisations."

On the downside a product launch isn't widely expected until 2010 by which time heaven only knows where Virgin - with its already 100 per cent fibre-based cable service - will be. Against that BT claims the tech upgrade will mean more than 50 per cent of homes and businesses in these areas should achieve a minimum of 20Mbit speeds meaning the traditional distance/performance drop off will be curtailed substantially.

Uses? Multiplatform iPlayer in HD anyone...


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October 23, 2008, 3:25 pm

As an alternative to waiting forever for the lumbering British Dinosaurcom to giving you >8Mb speeds, check out www.samknows.com to see if there's already an ISP offering better speeds on your exchange. On my exchange, BeThere.co.uk are offering up to 24Mb while BT only offer 8Mb on a more expensive tariff.

Hans Gruber

October 23, 2008, 8:04 pm

Those people living in the BH10 and BH11 postcode areas of Bournemouth could see speeds of 100mbps using H2O's new Fibre to the Home service. A compelling reason to move home (as if the sun, sand and sea wasn't enough already).

These trials will follow another in the Foxhall exchange area of Kesgrave in Suffolk in early 2009. The Ebbsfleet valley in Kent is to get FTTP, probably to encourage more businesses to set up in this area. Wouldn't wanna live there otherwise though, not even if they had 100mbit broadband to give away.

I was 4 miles out from being in the right area (Muswell Hill). So close and yet so far. Damn. I could have been a statistic (one of the .01%ers). :/

prag fest

October 23, 2008, 8:07 pm

Yep, been loving ADSL2 via Be for nearly a year now, meanwhile BT still aren't even offering the service to my knowledge. And to think I was apprehensive about jumping ship from BT, funny with hindsight.


October 24, 2008, 5:02 pm

O2/Be only offer their service in 20% of the country so it's still not an option for most of us.

When did virgin switch to all-fibre? I'm pretty sure they use copper cables going into homes.

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