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BE Upgrades Base Package to 12Mbps


BE Upgrades Base Package to 12Mbps

BE, the broadband provider, has upgraded its base Value package from 8Mbps to 12Mbps. New customers will now get up to 12Mbps download, 1.3Mbps upload, with unlimited downloads at a cost of £13.79 a month.

Those already on the 8Mbps Value package will be able to upgrade to the faster speeds as long as they sign up to a new contract. Those customers on a previous deal with a 40GB limit and on a half-price offer, will have to switch packages to get the new deal, the company said.

BE said, in its usual honest and frank way, admitted that those who aren’t already getting at least 8Mbps from its Value package shouldn’t bother asking about the upgrade as they realistically won’t see any speed improvements.

BE was one of the first ISPs to take advantage of Local loop Unbundling (LLU) in BT exchanges and roll out an affordable up to 24Mbps ADSL2 package.

Recently, the company started to offer a landline bundle deal, and its 12Mbps Value broadband and landline bundle can be had for £23.29.

Alinna Chung, BE Broadband’s product manager, said: “At BE, we know that faster is better, and better speeds translate to better value. And with the recent launch of our landline product, it’s a unique offer for those looking for high speeds at a low price, along with BE’s award-winning customer service to boot.”

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