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BBC iPlayer Going Multi-Platform


BBC iPlayer Going Multi-Platform

The one major criticism I've had of the iPlayer has been is the restriction of its download client to windows PCs. Proving yet again it clearly can't do anything wrong with the iPlayer, though, the BBC is partnering with Adobe to built a platform-independent client. Better still, a release has been promised before the year's end.

The client will run using Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), which will mean nothing to just about everyone reading this. Importantly, though, it means that windows, Mac and Linux users alike will be fully able to download and watch BBC content where-so-ever they wish.

As per the current Windows platform, downloaded programmes will be protected with DRM. That's a small price to pay for enabling access to the BBC's content, though, when all's said and done. It's not like the BBC is ungenerous with the time allowed to watch downloaded programmes.

As if that wasn't enough good news, the BBC is also announcing that a joint effort with Coremedia, Intertrust and CMLA means that the Nokia N96 is now able to receive over-the-air downloads. Personally I'd slap another two points on the existing Features score just for that - although I'd rather apple just let the BBC perform the same trick on the iPhone.

This, folks, is why we have a license fee and should continue to pay it.


Sony just whizzed over press release declaring its S-series and E-series Walkman players as iPlayer compatible, too.

Is there no end to the good news today?


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