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BBC iPlayer Opening to 3rd Parties

Gordon Kelly


BBC iPlayer Opening to 3rd Parties

Now this could be good...

Following the collapse of Project Kangaroo the BBC has announced it is prepared to open up BBC iPlayer to other broadcasters looking to make a similar splash in the online on-demand video streaming sector.

"It is not a concept of aggregation, but federation," said BBC director of future media and technology (great job title) Erik Huggers. "It is about making sure each of the broadcasters around the world can continue to have a direct relationship with their users."

The move may also take some of the pressure off BBC resources, which currently spend a lot of time developing iPlayer for each platform. "We have this demand on us that we must make our content available universally," explained Huggers. "As a result with now have to port the iPlayer into 23 different flavours. They all using different codecs, different file formats, because they are think their codec is going to make a difference."

As it stands the proposal (which has been mooted before) still faces the substantial hurdle of BBC Trust approval, but Huggers said demand was clearly there since one of the most searched for terms was 'iPlayer Coronation Street' {the ITV soap, for our international readers}.

All this sounds like something of a long term project since licensing agreements alone would likely prove a nightmare. That said, it is hard to deny BBC iPlayer is currently the best European streaming video service by a significant margin. If at first you don't succeed...


via Broadbandtvnews.com

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