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BBC Adds Social Networking Into 3rd Generation iPlayer

Gordon Kelly


BBC Adds Social Networking Into 3rd Generation iPlayer

Yes, we've long admitted our deep love for the BBC (heck, even our new editor joins us from the Beeb) and one of the main reasons is iPlayer...

Following a opening up of the streaming platform which saw it hit Freesat, Virgin Media, Nintendo Wii and numerous PVRs and Internet TVs, Auntie has decided it was about time to give the main site a spit and polish.

The most obvious change to the third generation of iPlayer is a redesign which places more focus on what's actually broadcasting live on BBC channels right now as well as greater emphasis on personalised options with 'Features', 'For You', 'Most Popular' and 'Friends' categories. TV and radio have also been more clearly segregated.

As for functionality, we see Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger integration to promote greater sharing of content and the option to see what your friends have been watching. The actual viewing experienced is improved too with channel hopping now available from a single window and the ability to download entire series.

Lastly - and possibly, most surprising - will be the addition of a hub for content from other broadcasters. Sounding somewhat like Project Canvas, linked will be provided to 4OD, Demand Five, ITV Player, Click and SeeSaw.

The new iPlayer can be tested at the beta site below, it will formally go live in late June.

Link: iPlayer beta

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