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Asus eBook Reader May Arrive This Year


Asus eBook Reader May Arrive This Year

Asus will be bringing out an eBook reader, possibly before the end of this year, DigiTimes is reporting.

Citing Asus' CEO Jerry Shen, DigiTimes says the device will come use the Eee branding - diluting it yet further, not that we're particularly bothered by that. Given than the Eee label signifies (for the most part) budget-friendly products, it sounds like Asus won't be looking at a taking on the likes of the premium Sony Reader Touch Edition, but rather rivalling

Further to that, Shen suggested that the Asus EeeBook - if this become the real name, you heard it hear fist - may even launch this year; to use DigiTimes' words, "by the end of 2009 at the earliest." Is anybody surprised that the pre-Christmas season (as ‘late 2009' is also known) would be a target launch date? I think not.

DigiTimes also says that "industry sources" have MSI pegged as "evaluating" the eBook reader market. That's hardly a revelation - that MSI wouldn't be ‘evaluating' a growing market would be of more surprise, frankly. My advice: don't hold your breath, but equally don't be surprised if a number of eBooks creep out in the coming months.




August 27, 2009, 9:51 pm

It would be nice if some one would come out with a device that one could down load their own books like those on CD as well as PDF based service manuals. I know one can use a laptop / notebook for these but sometimes the laptop / notebook are to cumbersome.

Just an idea, I am not greedy I will just take 10% right off the top for the idea.

Hamish Campbell

August 27, 2009, 11:38 pm

oooh can't wait until a few others get in on the game so the prices come down.

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