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Asus Unveils NX90 High-Design Notebook


Asus Unveils NX90 High-Design Notebook

We know we shouldn’t be overly influencing by looks alone, but clearly we’re pretty shallow types round here, as one look at the Asus NX90 and we were smitten. Asus said the laptop has been designed in conjunction with style gurus Bang & Olufsen and designer David Lewis.

The undeniably striking looking laptop features an 18.4in 1,920 x 1,080 display and Bang & Olufsen speakers, which Asus claims are on par with “full surround systems” thanks to them being approximately three to four times the size of those on the average laptop. Asus dubs its speakers tech as SonicMaster and said that the standard is put together with a ‘Golden Ear’ team. Laptops too often get short shrift when it comes to audio, so for a true desktop replacement system like this it’s good to see some real attention being paid to it.

Also garnering some attention is the touchpad, or rather touchpads, with one on either side of the keyboard for access for both right-handers and southpaws. These support gestures, zooming and scrolling.

Core spec is an Intel Core i7 CPU and 6GB of memory with 1.2TB of local storage. Graphics come courtesy of an Nvidia GeForce GT 335M and there’s a Blu-ray drive in there too. You’ll also find two USB 3.0 ports nestling down the sides.

It’s all pretty impressive looking, and sounding, so now for the bad news – it will set you back a fat £2,499.

If you’re in the money though, you’ll be able to pick on up from exclusive retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges – and Comet.

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