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Asus Unveil 900A & 701SD Eee PCs

Gordon Kelly


Asus Unveil 900A & 701SD Eee PCs

We've always believed in the principle of simple, clearly defined product ranges but I'm not so sure Asus agrees if its ever expanding Eee PC line is anything to go by...

So without further ado let me introduce you to the latest models to blur your Eee options: the '900A' and the '701SD'.

Keeping things simple let's start with the 900A. It's an Eee PC 900 with an Intel Atom processor at its heart (yep, that's it). Why would Asus make such a move when it had presumably moved on stylistically with the 901? Apparently the 900's smaller size means it remains extremely popular and many fans simply want their Atom upgrade (and presumably a six cell battery?).

As for the 701SD, it sees Asus go back after the budget end of the market with a 7in LCD fitted into a 9in Eee PC 900 shell. Apparently an Atom will also make it aboard (though the 'A' in the name was left out here for some reason?!) and will be just one of four versions (of course it is!) of varying SSD and HDD capacities.

Sadly that's all we know for now but Asus pops these little fellas out like peas from a pod so don't expect them to drop much later than August with the 701SD somewhere near the 701's £200-220 RRP and with the 900A around the £350 mark, placing it between the 900 and 901.

Got all that? Me neither.

It's the Asus way!


900A via Blogeee.net

701SD via Laptopmag


August 4, 2008, 4:42 am

It's a shame Asus can't take a leaf out of Apple's book and just have a core range of about three different specs of netbook, instead of the confusing mess they have now.

The words confusing, unnecessarily, watered down and penny-pinching spring to mind.

Luan Bach

August 4, 2008, 3:48 pm

I pity Asus' inventory manager, it must be a nightmare task keeping track of all the different components.


August 4, 2008, 7:49 pm

The trouble with Apple is that they've gone too far the other way and there are lots of people who Apple don't have a product to suit.

While more choice is always better Asus do need to come up with some way of more clearly presenting their range. Perhaps a model similar to cars where you can choose the body and screen and then add on any extras like bluetooth and an HDD afterwards.

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