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Asus S101 Gets Official


Asus S101 Gets Official

Asus has finally gone ahead and given its S101 an official launch. Yes, we already knew it was coming, pretty much what it looked like and what specs it had, but that doesn'r mean we don't want Asus' word on the matter. And having some pictures not supplied by Mr BlurryCam to gander at is always good, too.

As per previous information, then, it's confirmed that the S101 is aimed to be a better class of Eee PC, being both slimmer and lighter than the 901 and 1000-series systems. Contrary to earlier rumours (and the direction taken by the N10), though, the S101 is in fact still the Eee branding is still present, so the correct name is the Eee PC S101.

UK pricing and availability isn't confirmed just yet, but rumour has it Asus is looking in the £400 region, some £30 more than the Eee PC 1000 launch price. Given the improved specs and looks that should be well worth stretching too.

We'll be grabbing one of these from Asus as soon as we possibly can for a full review.

As promised, here's a few images:



Andrew Gosling

October 8, 2008, 3:29 pm

That is a very nice looking piece of kit, I could be sorely tempted by one of those in the near future


October 8, 2008, 3:34 pm

Any chance of getting the improved specs in this article, and also getting better multi-image support on the website?


October 8, 2008, 3:38 pm

Errrr, wasn't the whole point of tapping this niche to get low-cost lapintops to the market? For &#163400 there are better machines out there - they may not be smaller but they're a darn site more useful for the money...


October 8, 2008, 6:57 pm

Darfuria - Don't talk to me about images!

Daniel 4

October 9, 2008, 2:12 am

Hurray! At last a netbook that doesn't look like it's made from angel wings and fairy feathers, nor does it look cheap. It better doesn't for ~&#163400.

What I've always wondered however is: Will the netbooks we buy today be compatible with netbook version of Windows 7? I need Microsoft applications for work. And I've heard somewhere that MS is working with Asus to make a 'netbook friendly' version of their next OS. Since I won't let a Vista DVD anywhere near my current Laptop, the same goes for a netbook I might own in the future.

Any news on that?


October 9, 2008, 3:31 am

I'm still waiting for a HP mini-note with an atom processor... maybe I can dream on... until then, this looks mighty tasty.


October 21, 2008, 2:58 am

The Asus Eee PC S101 are like those eye-catching Series 209 Enforcement Droids from Omni Consumer Products: built to look effective but not so functional once you switch on the power button&#8230 And if you know what I&#8217m talking about then you surely guessed I&#8217m not impressed by them (and I do mean the netbooks)&#8230 Okay okay, so I know the S101 have their own qualities but&#8230 why would we buy a so-called &#8220elite&#8221 netbook if it comes with downgrade specs and a battery that&#8217s a far cry from the ones on Eee PC 901/1000/1000H? Yeah, these cosmetic S101 look pretty &#8211 So what? Netbooks aren&#8217t supposed to be fashionable! They&#8217re supposed to be reliable! Apart from their design which makes them lighter than the Eee PC 1000/1000H, the only thing that apparently looks good on these Eee PC S101 models is the fact that they have a solo SSD which is probably more suited for ultra mobile systems or netbooks (rather than mechanical drives). However, I can&#8217t find a good reason to waste money on a S101&#8230 Even their 0.3 webcams are worst than those presented by previous models. And you know what? Asus&#8217 U3, U2 and the &#8220don&#8217t-call-me-Eee&#8221 N10 J variants are actually more &#8220elite&#8221 than these silly S101 (specially the U3 and U2).

Also, I read these supposed top-of-the-line &#8220ultimate&#8221 netbooks are targeting &#8220Free Writers&#8221 and &#8220Travel Explorers&#8221&#8230 Now what&#8217s the difference between a &#8220Writer&#8221 and a &#8220Free Writer&#8221? Was the first one convicted? Can the second one carry so much money that he&#8217s free to dumbly spend more on something that comes with less battery life? If &#8220Free Writer&#8221 means &#8220Freelance Writer&#8221, then Asus made a terrible nomenclature mistake because I can almost bet that most freelance writers in this world won&#8217t be favouring it &#8211 at least not with those specs at that price&#8230 As for the travelling explorers, I can&#8217t see why would anyone travelling or exploring (thus looking for maximum portability) go for a 10-incher which delivers less autonomy than the Eee PC 901 ...unless swarovski crystals are now a requirement for travelling and/or exploring.

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