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Asus Plans to buy Toshiba Laptop Business

Gordon Kelly


Asus Plans to Buy Toshiba Laptop Business

There was a time when company chairmen seemed conservative, taciturn, terrifying figures but in recent years they have started saying whatever came to mind - like this...

Asus wants to buy Toshiba's laptop business. That's apparently straight out of the mouth of Asus CEO Johnny Shih according to DigiTimes. Unfortunately it quotes Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times and we have no access to the direct wording.

The move is claimed to be fuelled by the Taiwanese giant's plan to become the world's third largest laptop vendor in 2011 and it looks increasingly as if acquisitions will be the only way to achieve this. DigiTimes also says Shih confirmed Asus has already had contact with Toshiba, but that "results are not yet finalised".

Would Toshiba even want to sell? Perhaps on this evidence it would. Expect developments on this one to creak and hobble along for some time. Of more immediate interest is this, for once, brilliant piece of viral advertising from Toshiba. Would Asus' be able to come up with an ad like this?

In related news the obvious has happened and Psystar has lost its always hopeless court battle with Apple over production of its so-called 'hacktosh' PCs. These models modified Mac OS X to run non-Apple hardware - something many do around the world - but Psystar did it for commercial gain.

While exact compensatory figures were not discussed, the verdict will certainly put Psystar out of business (though the site remains defiantly active on appeal) and will serve as a stark warning for anyone else considering something similar.


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