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Asus Plans Dual Screen, Sub £100 eBook Reader

Gordon Kelly


Asus Plans Dual Screen, Sub £100 eBook Reader

If you can't beat them, join them?

There is some debate over whether the eBook can beat the book (I'd say its economically, environmentally and logistically inevitable), but it seems that Asus believes the humble book can still teach the eBook reader a thing or two...

The hugely diverse electronics manufacturer has this week unveiled its first entry into the digital reader market and the form factor is rather familiar. With its dual screens and foldable spine, the as yet unnamed model looks set to shake up the industry with the company proclaiming it could retail for just £100 - nearly half the cost of the cheapest readers currently.

Beyond familiarity, the dual screen approach could also have a number of practical benefits. Amongst the mooted applications are the ability to browse the web on one page while keeping the page of your book open on the other and using one screen as a large virtual keyboard making the reader somewhat akin to a laptop. Clever stuff.

Talk is that this new reader will debut in time for Christmas and may be just one of a number of Asus' models. This sector is hotting up...


via The Times

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