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Asus Launches World's Fastest Smartphone

Gordon Kelly


Asus Launches World's Fastest Smartphone

We have a new smartphone speed king folks...

The ever resourceful Asus is perhaps the not altogether unlikely top dog now following the announcement of its 'P565' Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone with screaming 800MHz Marvell CPU.

Of course the reality is a fast CPU is only going to be as good as its core operating system and supporting memory, but despite this the P565 does pack in a number of other compelling features such as a touchscreen 480 x 640 (VGA) screen, HSDPA, WiFi and GPS.

On the downside, HSDPA is registered at 3.2Mbit not 7.2Mbit (as is becoming increasingly common) though in reality this will make little difference while at 102 x 60 x 16mm the leather backed device is a little chunky for a smartphone without physical Qwerty keyboard. That said, an interesting option for cinephiles is the ability to shoot video at 24fps while a microSD expansion slot will make up for the unspecified-therefore-inevitably-small onboard storage.

Talk and standby times (as always under ideal WiFi/GPS disabling conditions) will last up to four hours and 250 hours respectively with a scheduled to launch before the end of the year sim free for an as yet unknown RRP.

All in all, despite the flashy clock speed, I'd argue the P565 looks a competent rather than exciting device. The battle is in software boys and girl(s) not hardware these days and if you're wondering why look out for a mammoth feature from me soon arguing this very point...

Update: Spec sheet now posted with press release. As I suspected, 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM - that processor really does need to be fast.


Press Release


November 17, 2008, 11:15 pm

I agree with you whole-heartedly there about the software v hardware issue! We've reached a point where the hardware is largely capable of doing most of what we want it to do, and smaller steps in optimizing it won't grind the world to a halt (ISPs excluded!!!).

The issue of software+hardware is one i've ranted on and on about since kingdom come - its why i'm happy to shell out for an Apple product when i come up to MY self-determined upgrade cycle (not Mr Gates'), and also why my Nokia 6233 and Samsung D880 still live peacefully beside my Mac. A good marriage between adequate hardware and well-written software beats the crap out of crappy (no pun intended!) software any day!

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