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Asus Fills A 12.1in Hole With The U6


Asus Fills A 12.1in Hole With The U6

While the ultra-portable Asus U1F is a lovely machine and it's bigger brother, the U3F also has several points of merit, there was a small gap between the two which has now, to the delight of millions no doubt, been filled by the curiously named U6S. I say curiously because one would expect that a 12.1in notebook clearly intended to slot in between the U1 and U3 would be called the U2 - although that probably wasn't possible for obvious, musical, reasons.

Naming non-issue aside, the rest of the details shouldn't surprise anyone. So, we see a 1,280 x 800 LED backlit panel, nVidia 8400M (with HDMI out) a 250GB hard drive and 2GB DDR2 RAM as standard. Moving to a larger chassis has allowed Asus to fit in the optical drive omitted from the U1, squeeze 5 hours operation from a 6-cell battery and keep the weight down to 1.5Kg.

Including an HSDPA module in a notebook like the Dell XPS M1730 may raise eyebrows, but seeing it in the U6 is definitely the right choice. Bluetooth and Draft-N wireless modules are also onboard and the whole thing is powered by a Core 2 Duo T7500 processor, running at 2.2GHz for those not familiar with their model numbers. Keep a look out for this in the near future.


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