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Asus Exec Confirms Eee PC Touch Screen Model


Asus Exec Confirms Eee PC Touch Screen Model

Rumours, rumours and more rumours. That's all we've heard about Asus' proposed plans to launch a touch screen fitted Eee PC but DigiTimes may just have put those rumours to bed, as the site has apparently had Samson Hu, General Manager of Eee PC at Asus, confirm that a touch screen Eee is indeed coming.

Specific details are yet to be decided, and will be decided nearer the time of launch, which is slated for next year. A system is hoped to be on show at CES, in Janurary.

As well as this, Asus is also planning to launch a dual-core CPU just as soon as Intel makes the chips available. Although, obviously, Asus has no say in when that will happen, being reliant on Intel for that.

Better still, Asus Presiden Jerry Shen has said a cheap as chips Eee PC model will be arriving at some point in 2009, too. Supposedly the model will cost "less than" NT$10,000 (~£180).

Good news all around, Eee PC fans.


October 10, 2008, 12:44 am

Samson Hu also added that Asus are confident that the 3drealms licencing deal will be concluded in time for the release of the touchscreen eee pc.

I'm surprised we're not hearing news of a better keyboard for the 9" eees yet, that seems like the biggest thing the series is lacking (as 3g has already been announced).

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