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ArtRage Update Allows Printing and Multitasking

David Gilbert


ArtRage Update Allows Printing and Multitasking

Following its launch earlier this year, it seemed pretty natural that the iPad would become an outlet for the more artistic amongst us and thus New Zeland’s Ambient Design launched ArtRage in late September to unleash the inner Picasso in each of us.

Ambient Design released an update in October solving problems that arose when using color samples and more generally when the iPad was in portrait mode. And now it has released the 1.0.4 update for the iPad app which brings printing and multitasking to users. ArtRage costs £3.99 from the App Store and will require iOS 3.2 or higher.

For those not in the know, ArtRage includes digital versions of tools like pencils, chalks, paints and palette knives. Photos can be imported into the app for conversion into paint-style images, or used as reference for the user’s own original artwork. Or as Ambient Design puts it: “ArtRage for iPad lets you become a mobile digital artist on your iPad, providing the experience of actually “painting” digitally on an iPad canvas with oil paints that smear and blend, and watercolours that flow together to create soft, wet gradations, just as they would in a traditional art studio.”

There has also been a number of other improvements included in the new version such as: stability improvements, user definable canvas sizing up to 1440x1440, access to colour sampling via a simple toggle switch and an indication of the precise zoom level when zooming.

So once you have been doodling on your iPad with ArtRage, surely you will need an outlet for these creative efforts. Well Ambient Design sponsored the first ever event dedicated to iPad art, called Future Canvas which took place in San Francisco over the weekend. So look forward to more iPad exhibitions coming your way soon.


December 6, 2010, 3:42 pm

I bought a version of Artrage 2/2.5 for use on an old Acer Convertible XP tablet machine

And its really nice software - the price for the app on the ipad is a steal - I thought the ipad did not have an active digitiser and possible this software would be better on an Win7 tablet like the hp slate or indeed a hp's convertible laptops.

Whatever the situation though apps like these are the only reason i would consider an ipad.

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