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Apricot Back In UK With Netbook

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Thought you had seen the last of Apricot? Think again...

The forward thinking PC manufacturer's assets were sold off in 1999 after some unfortunate - if progressive - technological decisions but now the company is back having had its brand recently repurchased.

Perhaps predictably then the new 'Apricot Computers Ltd' first product will be an 8.9in netbook - the 'PicoBook Pro' (nothing to do with the portable Pico Projector) which will boast the differentiator of optional integrated WiMAX and a VIA Nano 1.2GHz CPU. Aside from this however everything is where you'd expect it to be: 1024 x 600 native resolution, 1GB RAM, wireless g, 60GB HDD, Bluetooth, sub 1Kg weight and rather impressive - though not Eee PC 901 challenging - four hour battery life.

(The new) Apricot isn't dilly dallying with the PicoBook Pro's release either with the netbook expected to launch on 1 November with a £279 starting point for the Linux based models. As for the chances of success or failure they'll hinge on 1. The absence of onboard HSDPA, 2. The public's nostalgia / memory for Apricot and 3. Whether that keyboard really is as decent as it looks...

'Note':' As pointed out to us by Luan, that trackpad is indeed tiny!

Update: Andy's eagle eye has spotted that sadly this won't be the first Nano based netbook in the UK but in fact features the rather less glamorous C7-M. Oh dear, the PicoBook Pro's stock is dropping all the time...

Apricot Computers Ltd

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