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Apple to Recall iPhone 4?

Gordon Kelly


Apple to Recall iPhone 4?

Let's just say it: NO. Apple really won't do this, but the whole Internet is obsessed so we'll try and deal with it in a sensible manner...

You won't be able to read any technology site this week without reading about the iPhone 4 antenna issue. The heat cranked up on Monday with US non-profit organisation Consumer Reports extensively testing the handset and saying it could no longer recommend the iPhone 4 because of its signal problems, declaring: "We think it's the company's responsibility to provide the fix—at no extra cost to consumers."

So what? Well Consumer Reports is a major deal on the other side of the pond, especially to the non-techie general public at large. Consequently Apple's share price has taken a dive (it'll jump back up soon enough) and there are a number of high profile class action lawsuits also now in the offing.

Apple had claimed last week that a software fix would be issued to correct the flaw, but that's increasingly cutting no ice. On top of this Gizmodo has one iPhone 4 owner saying Apple is quietly conducting a silent recall having seen the finish on his handset change after having his iPhone exchanged in an Apple store. He has since been unable to reproduce the fault.

Finally Paddy Power is now getting in on the act stating it has "today slashed the odds on Apple recalling its iPhone 4 from 2/1 to 4/6 making it ODDS ON that the best selling device will now be recalled."

So let's just get this straight: Apple won't recall the iPhone 4, it has shifted too many and while the antenna issue does exist, from the experience of myself, Ed and a number of other owners I've spoken to it has been blown out of proportion. I suspect future iPhone 4s will see a tweak to the manufacturing process to fix the problem, but more pressingly Apple should make some sort of gesture to existing customers.

Will bumpers be issued or a more elegant clear strip provided to cover the affected area? Who knows. What do you think Apple should do and more importantly, what do you think Apple will do?


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