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Apple Will Unlock iPhone & Agrees To SDK

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Did anyone ever think this day would come...?!

Contrary to all popular belief (and every Applian principle) Steve Jobs has confirmed the company's much revered handset will receive a software developers' kit (SDK) and allow third party applications to be coded for the iPhone.

"We are excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community around the iPhone and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users," said Steve Jobs, in something of a radical 360. Sadly however he admitted an SDK would not appear until February '08 at the earliest.

This is an interesting and somewhat unprompted development which I can't help but think has something to do with France. Why? Because though we may call them many things, the French are one of the most anti anti-competitive countries we know and only agreed to release the iPhone on condition that an official unlocked version would be made available too.

That's right people, a version of the iPhone that is 100 per cent legitimately unlocked will be appearing from 29 November too. Maybe Apple feels a hacker free-for-all will follow (it will), or maybe just mass grey imports (that too) but either way - for once - it has conceded that the inevitable is inevitable.

Ultimately however I doubt this will do much to stem the tide of US and UK unlocking but it does suggests that a permanent (and unofficial) truce will be called.

In non-grey import terms I would call this a we-will-not-relock-your-iPhone deal. Now please do smother yourselves in garlic as, my onion wearing amis, we owe you...

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