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Apple Unveils New iPod Range

Andy Vandervell


Apple Unveils New iPod Range

Apple had its autumn press conference today, and among a massive range of announcements was the entirely revamped iPod range. All three, the shuffle, the nano and the touch, are all-new this year and look pretty tantalising, too.

iPod Shuffle

First on the menu is the new shuffle, which marks something of U-turn for Apple in the return of buttons to the device. It is, in effect, a combination of last year's shuffle and its predecessor, which is probably a good thing. Playlists, Genius Mixes and VoiceOver (for announcing track names, artists etc.) are all included, as is a built-in clip. It will retail for £39.

iPod nano

Probably the most radical departure in the iPod lineup is the nano, which has done away with the click wheel that made the iPod so iconic in the first place. It's replaced by...yes you guessed it...a touchscreen! Though the interface is iOS-like, it's not a full-fat version as there's no app store or all the other niceties one normally enjoys. There are plenty of custom designed applications, however, including a nifty clock that (if used with a strap) could even make the nano into a watch. We fully expect someone to do this.

This new design also means Apple can add a clip just like the Shuffle, making the nano much easier to use at the gym and on the move. Indeed, the new nano is 46% lighter and 42% smaller, and supports VoiceOver just like the shuffle. An FM radio is also included, as is Nike+ support and a pedometer.

UK prices are £129 for the 8GB model, and £159 for the 16GB version.

iPod touch

It didn't take great powers of logic to guess the updates to the iPod touch. It gets the full iPhone 4 update, which means iOS 4, the A4 processor and the 'retina' display. It's also even thinner than before, much as you'd expect. Added are rear and front-facing cameras, thus enabling HD video recording and FaceTime.

Pricing is as follows: £189 for 8GB, £249 for 32GB, and £329 for 64GB.

All the new iPods are going on sale next week, and pre-orders are open now.

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