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Apple Unleashes 'iFrame', iPhone FM Tuner & Phones4U

Gordon Kelly


Apple Unleashes 'iFrame', iPhone FM Tuner & Phones4U

Something of an Apple-orientated round-up here, so hold on tight.

First up Apple has offered up a new video format. Yes, we don't need another one, yes all we wish is Apple would bring native AVI support to the iPhone and iPod lines, but instead we have 'iFrame'.

iFrame offers "improved compatibility with camcorders using the iFrame video format" - err great and comes as part of an iMovie '09 update Apple pushed out this week. It is based on H.264 and AAC has boasts a standard resolution of 960 x 540. Of course the big question is which camcorders are "using the iFrame video format"? Just two so far: the Sanyo VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A. Whether others will hop aboard is unknown, but I rather hope they don't. Life is complicated enough. Thanks Apple...

In related news 9to5Mac claims Apple is planning a software update which will re-enable the FM tuner bizarrely crippled in iPhones and iPod touches. Whether this brings iPod nano-style song tagging (to buy in iTunes) is unknown, but would seem likely and while there are many excellent Internet radio apps for iPhone OS it would be nice to have something that could run in the background like many core Apple functions can. Never one to miss a revenue stream.

Speaking of which, O2 and Orange have announced they will expand sales of the iPhone 3GS to Phones4U in addition to current partner the Carphone Warehouse. Quite how the other new iPhone UK network Vodafone will react to this we don't know, but probably by doing the same. At this rate we'll be seeing iPhones in cabinets at Burger King.


iFrame Apple support page

via 9to5Mac


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