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Apple Took 99.4% of App Sales In 2009

Gordon Kelly


Apple Took 99.4% of App Sales In 2009

Here's some potentially incendiary war flame material...

Research firm Gartner has announced that Apple took an amazing 99.4 per cent of the $4.2bn (£2.56bn) spent on mobile apps during 2009. That said, this share is expected to fall to around two thirds during 2010 as competition increases and revenue hits an estimated $6.8bn.

"As smartphones grow in popularity and application stores become the focus for several players in the value chain, more consumers will experiment with application downloads," said Gartner research director Stephanie Baghdassarian. "Games remain the number one application, and mobile shopping, social networking, utilities and productivity tools continue to grow and attract increasing amounts of money."

Two points on this.

Firstly, despite being an iPhone owner I actually find these figures to be rather depressing since it shows how little progress the majority of mobile platforms have made since Apple announced the App Store in 2008, and even the original iPhone itself in January 2007.

Secondly, while insanely popular right now, App Stores are likely to prove just a bridging technology to web based (and therefore platform neutral) apps as mobile broadband technology - notably LTE - improves, though we still have some way to go yet. In fact, Apple itself wasn't even keen on an application store with the release of the first iPhone, instead citing security issues and promoting web apps before eventually relenting to public pressure.

So depressing? Yes indeed. Kudos to Apple? Absolutely. Likelihood of change? Inevitable.


via Ars Technica

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