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Apple Tighten The Screw

David Gilbert


Apple Tighten The Screw

First off, apologies for the puns in the headline and summary, we promise there will be no more. Back on topic, it appears as if Apple doesn’t like people having a look around inside the iPhone 4 as they have replaced the screws on the bottom of the phone with tamper-proof ones.

The issue came to light through an American repair site, iFixit, who noticed that American iPhone users who sent their phones in for repair had their handsets returned with completely different screws on the bottom - with no prior warning. The iPhone 4 was easily disassembled when it was released in June last year entailing the removal of two Phillips #00 screws on the bottom and then sliding off the back cover.

Now however those evil geniuses in Cupertino have replaced the regular screws with something called Pentalobular screws which iFixit claim cannot be opened by any screwdriver commercially available on the market at the moment. The screw has five points, which are rounded and as you can see from the image above, is very different from security Torx screws used on other devices. This is not the first time these screws have been seen however.

When the iPhone 4 was released in Japan these Pentalobular screws where there from the off and they can also be found on the 2010 MacBook Air and in mid-2009 MacBook Pros. However the recent development of not telling the customers the screws are being replaced shows just how much Apple don’t want people messing about within its technology. Expect to see these screws on many more Apple products from now on.

Source: iFixit via The Inquirer

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