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Apple TV to Become iTV?

Andy Vandervell


Apple TV to Become iTV?

Today's been a day of rumour and conjecture, much of which has emanated from the halls of Engadget. Its sources are often prescient, however, and the latest news provides more light on the previously discussed Apple TV replacement.

The story thus far ran a little like this:

  • The the new Apple TV would use iOS 4, or the lastest iPhone OS as it was at the time.

  • It would also utilise the iPhone and iPad hardware, namely the much-touted A4 chip.

  • Pricing would be around the $99 mark in the hope generating mass-market adoption.

  • Other hardware specs included 16GB of storage, and the ability to playback 1080p video.

So what's changed? Well the basics remain roughly the same. If Engadget's sources are to be believed, the new Apple TV will still be a sub-$100 product, with the emphasis remaining on streaming and on-demand content - it was ever thus.

However, the device will reportedly only offer up 720p video content, and Apple has also decided to return to the iTV name originally given to the Apple TV before it was changed. Unsurprisingly this is bound to have some impact here in the UK as we already have a broadcaster called ITV, albeit one with a better understanding for the use of capital letters. There's also confirmation (if one can call it that) that the new device will have apps, though whether it's an independent platform or part of the iPhone/iPad universe is unclear.

Regardless of the name change, the real story here is clearly the resolution support. After all, a device that can play 720p video sounds a lot less exciting than one that can play 1080p, no matter the name. But two minutes searching the TrustedReviews archives reveals numerous devices, such as the Asus O!Play Air HDP-R3, Eminent EM7075-DTS hdMedia, A.C. Ryan Playon!HD Mini, and the ViewSonic VMP74, all of which handle 1080p video for £100 or less. They might lack the polish, and the integration, that a possible iTV might have, but they do 1080p damn it!

via Engadget

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