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Apple TV Reaches v3.0, iTunes Updated

Gordon Kelly


Apple TV Reaches v3.0, iTunes Updated

Apple update time and the company has added a little spit and polish to both Apple TV and iTunes.

The former is the main focus gaining support for the iTunes Extra and LP functionality that was introduced in iTunes 9. It also features a redesigned main menu which better highlights user favourites and brings support for Genius Mixes and Internet radio (about time too).

The update is free to all Apple TV owners as it jolly well should be though it doesn't coincide with any drop to the hardware which is still on the pricey side at £219 (especially compared to its US $229 RRP).

Next iTunes and v9.0.2 firstly brings support for Apple TV 3.0 firmware and also sees the iTunes Store launch with a new look and a column browser in the top right corner which I certainly find more user friendly. On top of this are a number of incremental tweaks such as a dedicated section for iTunes U items and the choice for a dark background for Grid View (yes really, that's a bullet point!).

Needless to say Apple has once again killed Palm's Pre sync, but give it 24/48 hours and that's sure to be brought back. Children, children...

Both updates are available now.


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