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Apple Reveals iPhone 4 RAM Doubles iPad & Updates MobileMe

Gordon Kelly


Apple Reveals iPhone 4 RAM Doubles iPad & Updates MobileMe

iPad owners have been getting a tough time of things from non-believers (in the left corner Hugo, in the right corner Me) and things look set to get worse...

On top of 'big iPod touch' accusations and the bizarre news Apple is delaying iOS 4 updates until "the Fall" we now learn the iPhone 4 packs twice the amount of RAM as its larger, slippery counterpart.

A transcript of Session 147 at WWDC 2010 ("Advanced Performance Optimization on iPhone OS, pt 2" - to be precise) has been put online and in it MacRumours has spotted Apple reveals the new handset will have 512MB RAM - double that of the iPhone 3GS and 4x that of the original iPhone. The iPad is restricted to 256MB. The impact: the iPhone 4 is more suitable for multi-tasking and the likes of the much hyped iMovie video editing app will only be available on the iPhone 4 at launch, not the 3GS or iPad.

Hide those sniggers.

In related news Engadget pointsout Apple has quietly updated MobileMe, refreshing its UI, introducing a new applications switcher and upgrading Mail with widescreen and compact views, simplified archiving and SSL support. These were features introduced in a beta last month, so all four of you still using MobileMe should be thrilled. Personally I'd go for NuevaSync or Google Sync, preferably the former.

Lastly we now have Orange, O2 and Vodafone official iPhone pricing. I'm not going to dig through each one since the similarity to current iPhone 3GS pricing is depressingly familiar. Sweet spots are between £35 and £45pm on 18 month contracts across all three with the main differentiator being Vodafone's decision to offer customers 1GB of monthly 3G data, as opposed to the miserly 500MB on O2 (you'll pay through the nose to get to 1GB) and the slightly better 750MB on Orange. That said, the official pricing is poor compared to the packages Vodafone leaked on its site a few days ago.

I repeat: unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple, Vodafone pre-pay sim (£25pm, 900 minutes, 1GB data, 30 day rolling contract), a Sure Signal femtocell box and job done.




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