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Apple Reveals iPad UK Price & Launch Date

Gordon Kelly


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You've read the iPad review (video review below), listened to us discuss it in the inaugural TrustedReviews podcast and now Apple has finally given us full UK pricing and a nailed on release date.

28 May is the day when we Brits will be able to get one along with the good people of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland. As for those UK RRPs, they are as follows and I've put US pricing in brackets with their respective UK conversion rates:

16GB WiFi-only £429 (US: $499 = £339)

32GB WiFi-only £499 (US: $599 = £407)

64GB WiFi-only £599 (US: $699 = £475)

16GB WiFi 3G £529 (US: $629 = £428)

32GB WiFi 3G £599 (US: $729 = £496)

64GB WiFi 3G £699 (US: $829 = £564)

For the record, euro pricing is:

16GB WiFi-only €479 (£413)

32GB WiFi-only €579 (£499)

64GB WiFi-only €679 (£586)

16GB WiFi 3G €579 (£499)

32GB WiFi 3G €679 (£586)

64GB WiFi 3G €779 (£672)

First things first, 'Apple Tax' has indeed been applied with an extra topping of 'Being British Tax' for good measure. It is important to remember US prices are always listed without local taxes, but there is still a major price differentiation which gets ever wider as you go up the range.

In fact with the 16GB WiFi only iPad costing £429 the whole range is already well beyond netbook pricing meaning it doesn't compete with this category of devices at all. Taken to another extreme, the £699 64GB WiFi 3G iPad is more than an entry level HP Envy 14. Strangely for Apple it declined to include a quote from Steve Jobs or any Apple executive in its official announcement.

iPad UK pre-orders start on 10 May and if you were already on the fence where do you sit now?

Update: Orange has become the first UK operator to detail its iPad data plans. The most simple is a "pay monthly for what you use" tariff which is at 5p per megabyte. The others are a £2 daily deal for a 200MB allowance, £7.50 weekly charge for 1GB and two monthly plans: £15 for 3GB or £25 for 10GB, both include free WiFi access at BT Openzone hotspots.


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