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Apple Reneges On iTunes Euro Price Cuts

Gordon Kelly


Apple Reneges On iTunes Euro Price Cuts

The bad will Apple generated by last week's iPhone 3G launch (which still saw more than 1m units ship in three days) has this week been followed up with... more bad will.

Six months after promising to standardise European iTunes pricing Apple has performed the veritable 180 and claimed changes in currency values have evened everything out already.

"The announcement was that we would match the UK price to that of other lower priced European countries," an Apple spokesperson said. "This is no longer necessary as exchange rates have effectively done it for us."

Hmmmmn. Anyone tell Apple rates don't sit still? It'll be interesting to see what The EC makes of this having pushed for the change in the first place.

Also worth noting out of Cupertino is news of two firmware updates. The first confusingly sees the iPod touch jump to v1.1.5 in a security and bug fixes patch for those not prepared to cough up for v2.0 (greed has caused you some branding trouble here Apple). The second suggests v2.0.1 for the rest of us may not be long in arriving since references to it are already showing up in Apple testing logs.

Lastly the iPhone Dev team claims not only to have the latest version of its Pwnage tool working with original iPhones and iPod touches upgraded to firmware 2.0 but now the iPhone 3G itself. So it'd be nice if it would actually get around to releasing it then, eh...?


via BBC

1_1.1.5_4B1_Restore.ipsw iPod touch 1.1.5 Firmware Direct Download Link

v2.0.1 info via BGR

iPhone Dev Blog


July 16, 2008, 4:49 pm

Silly Euro, always ruining everything...

Tho iTunes are still being undercut by the competitors arent they? 7digital offering 79p to 99p DRM free tracks? How much is applle charging for DRM free music anyway, is it still 99p?


July 16, 2008, 9:50 pm

Erm, Apple charge a flat 79p fee for all music tracks, DRM or no-DRM. They used to charge 99p for DRM tracks then dropped it to 79p which it is now.


July 17, 2008, 12:53 pm

Aha, didnt know that (havent bought any tunes from iTunes for a while) thanks for the update!

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