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Apple release iOS 4.3

David Gilbert


Apple Releases iOS 4.3

Apple last night released the iOS 4.3 update, only three and a half months after the previous update. You can say what you like about Apple’s closed eco-system but there will no doubt be many Android phone users out there enviously wanting such consistent and regular updates across all devices.

Steve Jobs gave us a preview of iOS 4.3 at the launch of the iPad 2 last week and Apple has now released the update for the iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and third and fourth generation iPod touches. It means the end of the line for iPhone 3G users getting updates but that had been known since iOS 4.3 was seeded to developers at the start of this year.

So what will the new update bring? Well for iPhone 4 users the biggest change will be the ability to create a personal hotspot allowing you to share your data connection with up to five people – via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. For all users the update will see a faster version of Safari using the Apple Nitro JavaScript engine for imporved browsing. iTunes Home Sharing will allow you to play music, movies and TV shows from a shared iTunes library on a Mac or PC in your home. Those with Apple TV will see improved AirPlay support allowing you to play videos from the Photos app including the Camera Roll album, iTunes previews, enabled third-party apps and websites on your Apple TV.

Check out the source link below for the full details of the update, which Apple says is now available via iTunes. Let us know what you think and whether it adds anything new or worthwhile to your iDevice.

Source: Apple

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