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Apple Release Developer Preview Of Mac OS X Lion

David Gilbert


Apple Releases Developer Preview Of Mac OS X Lion

When we first got a glimpse of Mac OS X Lion in October last year, the reaction was a bit of a mixture - something similar then to the OS update itself which Steve Jobs described as “Mac OS X meets the iPad."

Today Apple has taken the next step in bringing the new software to market by releasing a developer preview, which subscribed members of the Mac Developer Program can now access through the Mac App Store. Mac OS X Lion will be released this summer and among the features which Apple are promoting is Mission Control, which is basically Exposé, Dashboard and Spaces combined in one place. Swipe controls, like those seen in iOS will also be a major feature and to use Mission Control, one swipe will see your desktop zoom out to display your open windows grouped by app, thumbnails of your full screen apps as well as your Dashboard, and allows you to instantly navigate anywhere with a click.

Another feature, Launchpad, will work in collaboration with the apps you have purchased on the recently launch Mac App Store, by organising them in one place, even allowing you to swipe between pages of apps – again like iOS. Full-screen applications will now also be possible in the new version of Mac OS X and swiping between open applications will also feature.

Check out the source link below for a full list of the new features you can look forward to (or not) in Mac OS X Lion but unless you are in the Mac Developer Program, you’ll have to wait with the rest of us until this summer to try it for yourself.

Source: Apple


February 26, 2011, 4:29 pm

Wow, that's pretty underwhelming.


February 27, 2011, 3:07 am

Hmph, TR didn't cover the more geeky^H^H^H^H^Hinteresting features. Personally, the combination of an OS-level Autosave and an OS-level Versions provision sounds very promising. If the latter even approaches the sort of functionality that used to be built into NetWare back in the 90s, it could potentially be fantastic. I also like some of the server features built into the OS (I'll find the Wiki useful, I know), and the vague hints of the server giving iPads read / write access to local files via WebDAV might actually make the iPad useful around the house. Honestly, I'd find changes of this sort a good deal more useful than even more spit-and-polish UI changes.

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