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Apple Quietly Updates iPod shuffle

Gordon Kelly


Apple Quietly Updates iPod shuffle

This wasn't announced during the Let's Rock / Let's Whimper event late night, but Apple has quietly updated the iPod shuffle...

So what has exactly happened? Well, if you go to the Apple Store you'll see 'NEW' in capital letters stamped all over them but it really should just say 'Respray'.

Yup, while rivals such as the Sansa Clip and ZEN Stone Plus sport screens and feature such revolutionary ideas as song selection and sequential play, not to mention double the capacity (4x in the case of the Clip) for less money Apple has decided what they were lacking was more colours.

Consequently you can get the same screen-less, FM tuner-less, voice recording-less, sequential play-less, 1GB and 'flagship' 2GB players now in blue, green, pink and - in an Apple store only exclusive - (PRODUCT) red. Wow. Prices remain £32 and £45 respectively and with the new 8GB iPod nano starting at £109 the company really does need to rethink its budget player offering...

In related news, fiscally sharp TR readers have pointed out to us a very interesting observation: while iPod price cuts were widely heralded by Steve Jobs last night their translation into pounds has been even more callous than ever. The main offender is the 32GB iPod touch which having previously cost £279 in its first iteration now costs £289 in its second. The US price: $399 (£227) and excuse me, but aren't flash memory prices meant to be in free-fall?

Apple, you've had better shows...

Update: The ever wise LostSwede has also noted the new 32GB iPod touch at £227 ($399) is only £8 more expensive than a 16GB iPod touch in the UK. Cheers Apple...


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