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Apple Previews MacOS X Lion, Mac App Store here in 90 days.

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Apple’s Steve Jobs has revealed glimpses of the next version of Mac OS X dubbed Lion, though it won’t be available to buy until the summer of 2011.

As Jobs was happy to admit, many of the features have been influenced by the interface of the iPad. As Jobs explained this is why the event at its California headquarters was called “Back to the Mac”.

"What is the philosophy about Lion?” Jobs said. “That's where Back to the Mac comes from. We started with OS X and we created a new version called iOS - it's now used in the iPad as well. We're inspired by some of those innovations. And we want to bring them back to the mac. Mac OS X meets the iPad."

Once you’ve installed all your apps you’ll be able to see all of them easily via an interface called Launchpad, available from the dock and swipe through them with touch gestures on the trackpad.

Apps will also be able to be viewed in full screen, with system wide support and the ability to switch to another full screen app with the trackpad.

Expose has now been enhanced and is now part of Mission Control, which will show you all full screen windows running on the Mac grouped by application, in a similar vein to Stacks just announced in Web OS 2.0.

Apple will also be bringing an App store directly to the Mac, calling it, the Mac App Store. As with the iPad, and indeed the iPhone before it, you’ll be able to purchase apps directly using your iTunes account. We won’t have to wait for Lion however to see it, as it will be available on Snow Leopard in 90 days.

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