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Apple Patent Reveals iPod Touch Phone Call Add-on


Apple Patent Reveals iPod Touch Phone Call Add-on

Apple has filed a patent for device that will turn the iPod touch into a phone, a web site has discovered.

Patently Apple has revealed that 27 Apple patent application were filed last week, and intriguingly one of them is an accessory that will enable the iPod touch to access a mobile phone network.

‘Transceiver 213’ would connect either via USB or wirelessly and enable communication with any network, such as Wi-Fi (redundant, Wimax, a mobile phone network and even a satellite network.

If you’re wondering why Apple might want this, one could suggest that Apple might see this as an enhanced Mifi type device, providing occasional voice and text access via either mobile networks or Wimax, if there is one locally.

That said, we’re not convinced that Apple would go down this route and perhaps just wants to acquire the patents for such a device itself to ward off those such as a the Chinese company that has created a product called an 'Apple Peel 520’, a $60 device that plugs into an iPod touch and contains a SIM card that adds phone network access and extended battery power.

In addition, Apple already has a perfectly fine iPod touch-like device that’s pretty good at making phone calls. Actually, on second thoughts….

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