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Apple Magic Trackpad Gets Official

Andy Vandervell


Apple Magic Trackpad Gets Official

Apple did its thing today, taking down its websites and posting a teasing notice. As ever the internet went into a kind of mild frenzy, a little bit like a wasp that's been given a heavy backhanded swatting. It has announced a few updates to various products (details coming soon), but the addition to Apple's range is the Magic Trackpad.

As you might have guessed, it's meant as an alternative to a mouse and is modelled on the MacBook Pro trackpads, but it's much bigger. How much bigger? 80 per cent to be exact, and the design complements Apple's own keyboards in its dimensions and styling.

All the usual gestures apply, including click (where you press down anywhere on the pad), scroll (using two fingers), swipe and rotate. It's wireless, using Bluetooth, and the combination of inactivity detection and "an on/off switch" have the novel effect of conserving battery life.

All this trickery will cost you dear, though, with the Magic Trackpad retailing for £59! What do you think Apple fans, worth the money? Apple haters? Well, no need to ask you chaps, but try to be polite.


Apple Magic Trackpad

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