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Apple Mac Mini Price Cut by £50

David Gilbert


Apple Mac Mini Price Cut by £50

Apple has taken the step of cutting the price of its 2.4Ghz Mac Mini by £50 to £599 – yet across the pond in its own back yard they have kept the price constant at $699.

The price cut comes without any fanfare by Apple’s marketing department – which could be explained by the failure to cut the American-listed price. Possibly Steve Jobs and Co. are worried about a back lash from consumers State-side who may feel a little aggrieved at missing out on the savings.

Although the price to UK consumers was cut by £50, it seems that European users have seen the biggest saving with their price being cut by €100, down to €709.

While currency exchange rates are in a constant state of flux these days, Europeans will have saved an extra £30 at least – though their new price is still slightly higher than the new UK price. The declining state of the dollar would seem the best explanation for the failure to cut the price in America and the lack of any noise about the non-American cuts would seem to suggest no further cuts will be coming.

This news comes hot on the heels of investor voicing their complaints that Apple’s reported cash and investment stock of $51billion is not earning enough return. Investors claim the money – which is more than the GDP of Costa Rica – is earning less than the average savings account. A filing last week showing a return of 0.75percent on investments in 2009.

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