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Apple Launches iTunes 9.1 With iPad & eBook Support

Gordon Kelly


Apple Launches iTunes 9.1 With iPad & eBook Support

It may be bloated, full of flaws and in need of a radical overhaul, but iTunes remains the glue which holds all of Apple's mobile devices together - and now a new update has readied it for the iPad.

Just in time for the 3 April US launch of the company's most controversial device in years, iTunes 9.1 adds three significant pieces of functionality. In the company's own words:

  • Sync with iPad to enjoy your favourite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on the go

  • Organize and sync books you've downloaded from iBooks on iPad or added to your iTunes library

  • Rename, rearrange, or remove Genius Mixes
What is also worth pointing out is owners of jailbroken iPod touches and jailbroken/unlocked iPhones should be cautious since we are hearing reports that syncing your handsets with iTunes 9.1 will relock them. This is normally the case with updates, but some users also say they have experienced no problems so do it at your own risk.

As for a European iPad launch, that remains on course for late April, with the 3G version of the iPad also set to launch in the US at the same time. Two months on from the original announcement I still don't get the hype, but pre-order sales suggest it is going to sell like hotcakes anyway. In the meantime, if you could do with a refresher, best check out my iPad guide (and its record 184 comments!).

In related news earlier this week Apple also pushed out an update for Mac OS X bringing it up to v10.6.3. There's nothing mind blowing in there (security, compatibility and stability fixes dominate) and Mac users should have received it already, but cautious types can check out the full feature list first from the link below.



Mac OS X 10.6.3 Update Guide

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