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Apple Launches 2GB iPod Shuffle

Gordon Kelly


Apple Launches 2GB iPod shuffle

Earlier today Apple slashes the price of its shuffle by almost 40 per cent prompting hopes of a cheaper iPod nano and possibly a new 16GB model. Instead we got this...

After almost an hour offline, the Apple store is now back up with no discernable change (hype aside, what does this cost in sales each time?), but dig into the 'Hot News' section and there's a 2GB shuffle on the way. Ho hum...

Yep, those (perhaps high) hopes of a cheaper 4GB nano (which at £99 is frankly ridiculous when an 8GB Sansa View can be found for under £90 and a 16GB View for under £120) were dashed along with thoughts of a 16GB model. By some way of consolation however, the 2GB shuffle will retail for just $69 (UK price as yet unknown) which is $10 less than the old 1GB price with the latter now selling for $49.99 (£25).

Apart from capacity there will be no difference between the 1GB and 2GB shuffles with both measuring 27.3 x 41.2 x 10.5mm, weighing 15.6g and providing 12 hours continuous playback off a single charge. Silver, blue, green, purple and (PRODUCT) red colours are offered for each.

The price reduction on the 1GB shuffle is in place on the US store now with the 2GBer due on sale by the end of the month. As for the next spring clean, expect those pesky nanos to be high on the list...


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